Marc-Anthony Tattoo Artist

Marc-Anthony is a professional tattoo artist that in very little time has risen to incredible heights in our industry. Marc-Anthony discovered his passion for tattoos during his years as a Fine Arts student at the University of the Witwatersrand. Initially his drawings were a hobby which he later found to be something he wanted to pursue a career in 2019. Marc-Anthony started his career off as being a self-taught artist before officially making his way up the ranks as an apprentice to his position as a junior tattoo artist at Romans Tattoos.

Marc-Anthony enjoys working in various mediums such as pencil, graphite, oil and acrylic paints- these mediums have allowed him to become a versatile artist who takes pride in his line work and color tattoos. Marc-Anthony is dedicated to creating amazing tattoos whilst being hygienically conscious and creating a warm atmosphere for his clients.

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