How to set up a Tattoo appointment
Congratulations on your decision to come and get tattooed! I will do whatever I can to make it a great experience for you and provide you with my best work, safely.

Before we start
I tend to get a lot of last minute cancellations due to clients running into unforeseen circumstances and, or a last minute change of heart. This tends to cost me a lot of time and money as I lose a booking that could have been given to someone else. So, I need to protect myself against this. I also find myself spending hours working on art for tattoos that sometimes don’t even happen or get taken elsewhere.

Kindly read the Booking steps below before we proceed.

Booking steps

  1. Send me your art references or ideas so I can quote you on your new tattoo. The quote includes the following:
    • Finalising the art (this can take a few minutes, hours or days)
    • Your setup (All equipment and disposables)
    • Per sitting or completed tattoo price
    • Appointment and art fee – payable upfront.
  2. Agree on the date and time
  3. Pay your deposit
  4. Come for your tattoo – Please do not shave beforehand
  5. Go home and look after your new tattoo as per my instructions


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